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Catharsis.NET.Domain.NHibernate is a .NET library which contains Fluent NHibernate ORM mappings for common domain business entities (like Article, Blog, Comment, Download, Faq, etc.), which are part of the Catharsis.NET.Domain project.

ORM mappings for the following types of domain entities are provided :
  1. Announcement/Announcements Category
  2. Art/Arts Album
  3. Article/Articles Category
  4. Audio/Audios Category
  5. Blog/Blog Entry
  6. City/Country/Location
  7. Comment
  8. Download/Downloads Category
  9. FAQ
  10. Notification
  11. Person
  12. Playcast/Playcasts Category
  13. Profile
  14. Setting
  15. Song/Songs Album
  16. Subscription
  17. Text/Texts Category
  18. Video/Videos Category
  19. Web Link/Web Links Category

ORM mappings are declared using standard Fluent NHibernate syntax, for example :
this.Id(city => city.Id).GeneratedBy.Native();
this.References(city => city.Country).Cascade.All().Column("CountryId").Fetch.Join().ForeignKey("FK_Cities_Countries").Index("Cities__CountryId").Not.Nullable();
this.Map(city => city.Name).Index("Cities__Name").Not.Nullable();
this.Map(city => city.Region).Index("Cities__Region");

They can be included in your project as described in official FluentNHibernate library documentation, like that :
var sessionFactory = Fluently.Configure()
.Database(SQLiteConfiguration.Standard.ConnectionString("Data Source=Catharsis.Domain.NHibernate.Tests.db;Version=3;New=True").ShowSql().FormatSql())
.Mappings(mappings => mappings.FluentMappings.AddFromAssembly(Assembly.Load("Catharsis.Domain.NHibernate")))
.Mappings(mappings => mappings.FluentMappings
.ExposeConfiguration(configuration => new SchemaExport(configuration).Create(false, true))

See official GitHub project page for more details and latest version of source code.

NuGet package is also available at :


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